Universal Smart Watch Wireless USB Magnetic Charger Cable

Universal Smart Watch Wireless Compatible Device:
A01, A03, A7 PRO, A7 PRO MAX, A700 PRO, GT4, HW22 pro, HW22+ MAX, HW39 PRO, HW57 PRO, HW67 PLUS, T800 ultra, T900 ultra, T700 PRO+, S800 ultra max, Watch8 max, W28 PRO, W17 PRO, W97 PRO, W57, W27Z, W37 PRO, DT7, DTNO.1, DT3 PLUS, DT8, Watch7, WS7 MAX, WS7 PRO, WS9 MAX, WS27 PRO, WS007, WS8+ MAX, M37 MAX, US7 pro, Z36.
This USB 2.0 cable connects your Smart Watch to your computer’s USB port for charging. Or you can connect to the 1 Amp USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet. Using the charging cable with a built-in chip, you can effectively prolong the service life of the watch. Limit the recharging time to 120 minutes, which is appropriate. Charge your watch before the battery runs out. Use the cell phone 5V/1A adapter charger; please connect to a USB power source on a PC, Mac, laptop, or notebook for more stable voltage.
Specification: It’s easy to use; just connect the USB end of the cable to a PC or AC charger to get your watch charged. This is just a charging cable; it cannot be used as a data cable.
Colour: White

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